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    The Weir Group, LLC partners with The Yunker Group, Inc., to help companies, big and small, profit, government and not-for-profit, become more mission driven, sustainable  and successful. 

    Knowledge, Experience & Superior Quality

    "Knowledge, Experience & Superior   Quality"

    The Weir Group, LLC brings more than 30 years of  nonprofit, CEO experience, a diverse team with an extensive profit and nonprofit metropolitan Detroit network.  She has led nonprofit strategic planning initiatives and corporate restructuring.  She has extensive expertise in human resources management services to ensure 21st century success.

    The Yunker Group, Inc.,  founded in 1995 offers guidance to volunteer leaders to help them govern more passionately, choose C-level executives more strategically and steward funds more effectively.  Team members provide behind the scenes coaching and advice to nonprofit leaders, volunteer and staff, helping them make a greater difference in their vital roles.